GC2 Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to present Magnum Opus by artist Desiderio.
A collection of works that bring together a new cycle following the Malebolge project that occurred at the former church of San Michele Arcangelo in Amelia in 2019 during Ameria Festival.

The artist will present for the first time works related to the world of witches and banshees; figures that have accompanied him in recent years, where photographs, videos and installations will accompany us in his imagery and anticipate the flavor of his next feature film.
The Great Work is known in Latin as Magnum Opus; it is the alchemical itinerary of working and transforming raw material, aimed at making the philosopher’s stone. It consists of several steps that gradually lead to the personal and spiritual metamorphosis of the alchemist, to which correspond, according to hermetic tradition, as many laboratory processes characterized by specific color changes, metaphors for the initiatory path of individuation.

“The individual is ephemeral; the human race can be immortal. To move from self to self and thus participate in the cosmic project — an evolving universe where each atom will be spirit — we will have to free ourselves from mental moorings, so that nothing subjective separates us from the creative energy. Only by ceasing to “belong,” to “identify,” to “define,” will we arrive at union. We are a chalice containing ideas, but we are not those ideas, just as we are not our feelings or desires. Such thoughts-feelings-desires, which have been inculcated in us by family, society and culture, are to be regarded as raw material to be subjected to a process of transformation; and in this process we will die to ourselves to be reborn transfigured, no longer being a body enclosing a spirit, but a spirit navigating from one body to another to the boundaries of creation.
We will not define ourselves as young or old, female or male; no diploma, no uniform, no name, no nationality will limit our personal becoming; behind the mask of the individual we will enjoy the peace of anonymity, we will erect no barriers between the human and the divine, we will know the whole Universe, we will live as many years as the Universe lives, we will become Consciousness of the Universe, in an everlasting creation…The realization of the individual becomes impossible if we do not have a goal that encompasses the whole human race.”

from “Practical Handbook of Psychomagic” by Alejandro Jodorowsky